Bed Bugs

Bedbug Facts

  • Female Bed Bugs lay 1-5 eggs a day & over 500 in a lifetime
  • Eggs hatch in 6-10 days
  • About 3-10 minutes are required for each blood meal, during which saliva containing an anticoagulant is injected.
  • Developmental time (egg to adult) can take as little as 21 days.
  • Without a blood meal, once-fed nymphs can survive an average of 51 days.
  • With normal feeding & reproductive cycles, bed bugs can live up to 316 days.
  • Although the bed bug bite is mostly painless, many people develop an allergic reaction to the saliva injected by the bug. Everyone reacts differently with bites, some people have swelling & some people have no reaction at all.
  • Bed Bugs are great hitch hikers & are easily transported. Once introduced, they will spread throughout the whole building.
  • They mostly hide out in cracks & crevices during the day & come out to feed at night. But, some hungry bed bugs can be seen during the day.
  • Their favorite places to hide are: Mattresses, box springs, head boards, foot boards, railings, baseboards, clutter, crown moldings, electric outlets, blinds, drapes, curtains, behind hanging pictures, dressers, couches, sofas, recliners,and nightstands.


We use the safest & effective labeled pesticides to exterminate bed bugs. The products we use leave a limited residual to kill the bugs, eggs & prevent any from returning for up to 90 days. Great care is taken when we’re treating on your property. No side effects or reactions have been reported in over the 10 years we’ve been practicing this technique.