About Hazmatt

At HazMatt Pest Control, we have made it our mission, to provide you with the local expertise, dependability, and professionalism of Pest, Mold & Moisture Control, found nowhere else in eastern North Carolina. With an emphasis in safe, effective & environmentally conscious, we are that local company to serve your entire Pest, Mold & Moisture Control needs.

We are fully licensed, insured, and guarantee our work. If you are interested in trusting, highly trained individuals who truly care about the quality service they can offer you, then please call us (252-652-7593) or Email: MATT@HAZMATTPESTCONTROL.COM to discuss, what we can do, to help your situation.


My name is Matt Pawelczyk. I founded HazMatt Pest Control because I enjoy helping people with their Pest, Mold & Moisture Issues. I have been in the industry for over 11 years & I have had extensive training & experience with all the pest & mold issues that face people living in North Carolina. I’ve been on the front lines ever since the Bed Bug Epidemic, had begun in the mid-2000’s. I use only the safest, proven & effective methods of Pest Control that are being used today. I install the confidence into each & every customer, that they called the right professional company to address their problem. I am always studying & training in the latest techniques & technology to stay current in the Pest & Mold Control industry. I Love my wife & 2 small children unconditionally. I believe, that after God finished all of creation, that He, gave man, dominion over all of it. That’s why if you have bugs in your home, you don’t have to live with them, you can call HazMatt Pest Control & Live Bug-Free!